med_photo_a_01Mediation is a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution process in which two (or more) people meet with an impartial third person, the ‘Mediator’, who helps them reach decisions through discussion and negotiation, rather than spend time and often a great deal of money in Court.

In most cases, one person has decided to end the relationship and the other is ‘catching up’ with the situation that is unfolding in front of them.  This can lead to feelings of vulnerability, isolation and anxiety on one side, and frustration, impatience and anger on the other.

Mediators are neutral, do not take sides in any dispute and seek to address any power imbalance by introducing ‘give and take’ to create a level playing field, so that both parties can move forward together at the same time and pace.

Mediation Now believes in taking as much or as little time as an individual couple needs to maintain as positive an atmosphere as possible. Some couples need to take smaller, more manageable steps forward with support, understanding and empathy, while others can move relatively quickly.

Rather than looking back into the history of a relationship, Mediators are focused on each individual and providing the opportunity to calmly explore their motivations and objectives for the future.

They then encourage a dialogue that enables couples to work together and discuss a variety of solutions that could satisfy both individuals and reach a mutually acceptable, lasting agreement for the future.

Discussions in Mediation are always ‘without prejudice’ which means that it is not binding and cannot be shown to any other person. It is a very honest, open and frank way of resolving disputes and allows people retain control over their own lives and problems, rather than putting them in the hands of the Courts.

The earlier Mediators are brought into a dispute, the better chance there is of the parties maintaining an amicable relationship during and after its resolution.

Mediation Now has developed relationships with many of the local family solicitors, who provide us with most of our referrals. If you don’t yet have a solicitor, we will try and recommend someone close to you.

If you would like to refer yourself for mediation, you can download our Self Referral Form. If you are a solicitor, or other professional, and would like to refer a client to Mediation Now, please use our Solicitors Referral Form.

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