In the event of a relationship breakdown, many people feel they start to lose control. Once lawyers are called in and the legal system starts to take over, time and money can be spent on a process that takes many months.

Today, the Government is very keen that people should try and find ways of resolving disputes themselves, rather than spend their time and money in court.

At Mediation Now, we are committed to offering a non-confrontational approach to relationship breakdown. Mediation can be a useful way to help you identify issues that matter to you such as:-

  • Where will the children live?
  • Where will they go to school?
  • How much maintenance should I pay?
  • Can we afford to run two homes?
  • What about the assets we share?

It works for couples (whether married or not), Civil Partners and Grandparents too.

Advantages include:-

  • less cost and often less time than the traditional lawyer led approach
  • maintaining communication reduces hostility
  • more creative solutions can be explored outside the restrictions of the court
  • you are always in control and can make your own decisions
  • you can move at your own pace and not that of the court
  • confidentiality that cannot be guaranteed in court proceedings
  • much less stress from a much calmer, sensitive approach
  • a better chance of an amicable relationship in the future, making co-parenting easier