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Top 5 Summer Tips for Separated Parents

School’s out and with weeks of freedom ahead of them, children are excited with what the summer holidays have in store. For parents, however, it can be a very different story.  The financial pressures of keeping children entertained, juggling work life with childcare and trying to make sure that all relatives have the opportunity to see and spend time with them can prove a demanding challenge. If parents are separated and either bringing up children alone or with a new family, there can be an extra layer difficulty trying to satisfy the expectations of where and when children will have time with each over the summer holidays. Sharing is Caring Neither parent can have the children all the time or just when they ... Read more

Keep Cool After Summer Stress

After a 14 year study between 2001 and 2015, American scientists have gathered evidence that indicates summer holiday stress is connected to a significant spike in relationships breaking up and divorces being filed. Whilst many families look forward to their annual break over the summer, recent findings suggests that, for some, holidays can actually be rather bad for marriages. Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered that divorce rates appear to follow a spike in the month of August, shortly after the summer holidays.  It could be that couples put off their separation until after times that are normally important to families, or perhaps holidays serve as final confirmation that they no longer want to be together, but it is ... Read more

Support from The Law Society

The Law Society of England and Wales has released a new advert to promote the options available for couples seeking a divorce, and the team at Mediation Now think it is a great piece of work. If you haven’t seen it, here it is… Read more

Mediation Now Launches ‘Chilli Rating’

Portsmouth’s leading mediation practice has found an innovative way of explaining to separating couples the benefits of its services. Entitled ‘Taking the Heat’, experts at the legally-based mediation firm, ‘Mediation Now’, are embracing a new visual campaign to highlight the alternatives available to separating couples and their families, inspired by chillies. ‘Historically, when people think of divorce, the image in their heads has been that of aggressive arguing through solicitors and having to go through legal proceedings in formal court environments,’ explains Rebecca Hawkins, Founder of Mediation Now. ‘The vast majority of people find these situations intimidating, stressful and highly pressured.’ ‘Today, there are a number of alternatives to court proceedings that have been designed to present a calmer, less hostile way ... Read more

Mediation Now Celebrates 10th Birthday

Members of Portsmouth’s legal and business communities recently gathered at Chimes Restaurant in the city centre to celebrate the achievements of two women who founded the UK’s first lawyer-led mediation service a decade ago. Claire Webb and Rebecca Hawkins welcomed guests to celebrate the 10th birthday of their firm, ‘Mediation Now’ which helps separating couples communicate and manage issues that arise as a result of relationship breakdown. ‘It is hard to believe it has been a decade since we started Mediation Now,’ recalls Rebecca. ‘We were both working as solicitors and tired of the confrontational and argumentative approach to family law. Mediation wasn’t at all mainstream back then, but we knew it could work and now it has become standard practice ... Read more

Claire Shortlisted for ‘Business Personality of the Year’

The Founder and Director of Portsmouth’s pioneering Mediation firm, ‘Mediation Now’, has been recognised for her career success to date by being shortlisted for ‘Business Personality and Achievement of the Year’ at The News Business Excellence Awards 2017. With a career spanning over 15 years in Family Law, Claire Webb has been at the forefront of the Mediation profession - championing its development, being the first to achieve national accreditations and consulted with by the Government on white papers, proposals and best practice. Since 2007 she has built the UK’s first legally-based, designated Mediation practice, become an employer and overseen rapid expansion of new services from offices in Havant, Fareham and Emsworth. Now, on the 10th anniversary of Mediation Now, ... Read more

Flying the Flag for Family Mediation Week

After the annual focus on divorce at the start of the year, the team at Portsmouth firm, Mediation Now, is supporting ‘Family Mediation Week’ in order to make couples aware of more calm and amicable ways of ending relationships.. As part of its mission to promote alternative methods of resolving issues between couples, the Family Mediation Council has named this week ‘Family Mediation Week’ to help raise awareness of the benefits mediation can offer separating families Mediation is a voluntary and confidential dispute resolution process in which two (or more) people meet with an impartial third person, the ‘Mediator’, who helps them reach decisions through discussion and negotiation, rather than attend court. ‘The process encourages and supports couples to talk things through, ... Read more

Mediation Now on the Radio

Did you hear Claire talk about the history and services of Mediation Now on Express FM? If you missed it, you can listen to extracts from the interview here: Introducing Mediation Now Accreditation and Background Read more

Mediation Now’s Top Ten Tips for Christmas

Specialists at local firm, Mediation Now, have come up with a survival guide for all families to enjoy the festive season. Plan - Sort out contact arrangements well in advance. Children should be clear when they are seeing their parents. If you can’t agree, seek professional advice. Budget - Christmas can be a financial pressure that is a major cause of relationship breakdown. Agree a budget and stick to it. Family - Christmas is a time for families, whether parents are together or not. Don't forget grandparents who may have been looking forward to seeing the children all year - they are a child's family too Presents - If you are separated from your child's mother/father, make sure you discuss Christmas presents to avoid doubling up (but ... Read more

Tips for Families at Christmas on Express FM

This month, founder of Mediation Now, Claire Webb was asked to give the listeners of Portsmouth’s leading local radio station, Express FM, advice on how couples and families should plan for, cope with and manage the Christmas period. Listen to extracts and soundbites on various topics from her interview by clicking any of the headings below… Planning for Christmas Children at Christmas Children at Christmas 2 Couples at Christmas Surviving Christmas Christmas Tip Read more
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