About Us

About Us

It is a terrible irony that it is during one of the most difficult, emotionally-charged and sometimes devastating personal situations, individuals need to enter into discussions and make important decisions that will affect the rest of their lives.

Mediation Now was established in 2007 as the first solicitor mediation firm to support couples who were separated, planning to divorce and/or in legal proceedings, and help them find a way to communicate, resolve issues and find a future in their independent lives.

Now located in three branches across the region of Portsmouth, the firm’s growing team of professional mediators are all legally trained experts in every aspect of relationship breakdown and have helped over 1,000 couples reach agreements for their future.

From financial assets and maintenance, to childcare and visitation rights, Mediation Now helps couples who wish to dissolve a marriage or civil partnership and move forward with their lives. We also work with relatives, such as grandparents, who seek definitive arrangements regarding access and visitation with the children in their family.


Mediation Now is delighted to be one of only a handful of firms across the UK to have been awarded the prestigious HSSF quality mark.