Top 5 Things Learned in Lockdown

As the restrictions that have been in place to fight the Coronavirus pandemic begin to lift, Co-Founder and Director of Mediation Now, Claire Webb lists the Top 5 things she has learned about Mediation in the past year….

  • ‘Am I on mute?’

Apart from the obvious worries and concerns of the past year that we all shared, I faced and overcame my personal scepticism of technology.  After I saw both the immediate need and future possibilities of video conferencing, I stunned those around me by embracing it all – Zoom, Teams, Facetime, Whatsapp, you name it!

  • A New Safe Space

Thanks to the new online sessions, we realised that instead of trying to make a meeting room feel as safe and warm as possible, a participant in Mediation could now choose their own environment and connect from there, providing familiarity and physical reassurance for those that needed it.

  • Efficiency

Without travelling time, finding somewhere to park and coming to our offices, we found people had much more availability for Mediation. Since couples and any legal or personal support did not have to be in the same place, we could conduct meetings quickly and with people across the (and in some cases from another) country.

  • Collaboration

I have been both impressed and proud of how the legal profession has pulled together in the past year.  From law firms to courtrooms, things such as online processes that have been discussed for many months were given the green light, pushed forward at speed and have proved a huge success.

  • Empathy

The one thing I have found over the past year is a new found perspective and patience from everyone involved in Mediation.  With the knowledge that something so huge has been playing out in the background across the world, people have shown more understanding and pragmatism than I have ever seen before. I hope we try and hold on to that.