Private Hearings for Financial Disputes

Sorting out money and assets such as property can be the most arduous and time-consuming issue for couples wishing to separate. Instead of waiting months and months for the legal system, a private company is now offering a fast-track alternative to resolution.

In an ideal world, all couples looking to separate would be able to discuss issues involving their family, finances and assets. That is certainly the hopes of the government after introducing mediation for those wishing to divorce, but sometimes it just isn’t possible.

For couples who cannot communicate with each other, court proceedings in front of a judge are still the recognised way of resolving obstacles to the ending of a relationship. When it comes to finances, a couple will wait many months and spend thousands of pounds to attend a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing, or FDR.

However, an alternative to this lengthy and expensive process is now being offered by ‘Family Solutions Now’ a private practice of legally trained family law experts who are seeking to offer more alternatives to separating couples.

‘A private FDR not only eliminates the wait and greatly reduces costs, but it can also offer more time for a couple to talk and be tailored to meet specific needs,’ explains Claire Webb, Director of Family Solutions Now. ‘The couple can still be legally represented, but they keep more control of the process and often feel more at ease in less formal surroundings.’

We offer a meeting at the beginning of the process, then you provide us with your paperwork (disclosure) and then we will write our recommendations and then meet with you both again to explain our reasoning. This is all for a fixed fee of £1,500 plus vat which is shared between you.

For more information, call 023 92 481183 or email