Portsmouth Firm Shows Support for Family Mediation Week

In an effort to raise awareness of its work in helping separating couples part ways in the best interest of their families, Portsmouth firm, Mediation Now, is proud to be supporting national ‘Family Mediation Week.’

Taking place from 20-24 January 2020, Family Mediation Week aims to raise awareness of how separating couples can manage family issues without the time, expense and conflict associated with court proceedings.

Organised by The Family Mediators Association (FMA), Mediation Now is joining firms across the UK to share resources and information that will help explain the process of family mediation, demonstrate its benefits and address any questions the public may have.

‘The purpose of Family Mediation Week is to show people how mediation should be a separating couple’s first choice,’ explains Founder and Director of Mediation Now, Claire Webb. ‘It’s about communicating and talking things through with clear purpose so that both feel heard and decisions can be made.’

The week will be based around the theme of ‘Conversations’, exploring a different angle each day, including issues surrounding children and finances.

‘I first started Mediation Now in 2007 when mediation was in its infancy,’ recalls Claire. ‘After more than a decade working in family law, I believed that a process that encouraged and supported couples to talk things through would not only save a great deal of time and money, but would increase the chance of keeping a positive relationship afterwards, which is especially important when children are involved.’

As one of the first solicitor mediation firms in the UK, Claire has maintained the firm’s philosophy of employing mediators who are legally trained in every aspect of relationship breakdown.

From financial assets and maintenance, to childcare and grandparents who want definitive arrangements regarding the time they can spend with their family. Mediation Now has supported thousands of families over the past 13 years from its Head Office in Havant and others in Fareham, Emsworth, Petersfield and the Isle of Wight.

‘The public has definitely developed a recognition and understanding of mediation over the past few years,’ says Claire. ‘However, initiatives such as Family Mediation Week are still important so that people remember and feel as confident as possible in contacting us when they are in need.’

For more information call 023 92481183 or visit www.mediation-now.co.uk