Introducing ‘Hybrid Mediation.

  • Do you have concerns about Mediation?
  • Ever unsure which is the best process to suggest?
  • Worried about losing control of your case?


A new and advanced ‘hybrid’ mediation model from family law association, Resolution, has been designed to involve lawyers, allowing a couple to reach an agreement in a legally supported environment.

Lawyers are invited to:

  • attend preliminary meetings
  • support the process from beginning to end
  • provide information, including Forms E
  • attend some sessions, especially private meetings
  • liaise by telephone, email or in person throughout the process
  • draft settlement documents


Hybrid Mediation allows for separate, individual meetings with both parties, which is more effective in high conflict cases. Mediators with this training may also be brought in to do similar meetings where there is an impasse in the collaborative process.

If there is still no breakthrough, Arbitration with a jointly appointed independent Arbitrator can supply a determination or award in a timely fashion.

Both Claire and Rebecca have been trained by the eminent Henry Brown in this new model of mediation, and Claire is also an Arbitrator in children and financial issues, so if you would like to know more or need any advice on a case you are working on please call us on 023 9248 1183 or email