Lynn Celebrates Law Society Accreditation

There was cause for celebration at Portsmouth’s leading mediation firm, ‘Mediation Now’, when its latest recruit, Lynn Jackson, received notification from the Law Society that she has now been recognised as a fully accredited Mediator.

With a 25 year career in the legal profession and over a decade specialising in family law, Lynn Jackson completed her training in Mediation in 2015.  Having put together a portfolio of her work over the past two years for inspection by the Law Society, she has been accepted as a fully accredited Mediator and will be listed on the Family Mediation Council.

‘This means I can carry out Legal Aid work without the need for verification from an accredited Mediator,’ Lynn explains. ‘Whether it is carrying out the compulsory MIAM (‘Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting’) for separating couples or signing off paperwork and forms for court, I can now work fully independently and with the trust of the Law Society.’

Lynn new status now matches that of her fellow Mediators at Mediation Now, which she joined five months ago to establish and develop the firm’s new offices in Petersfield.

‘We had no doubt that once Lynn had collected the material over the required length of time, she would sail through the accreditation process,’ says Mediation Now’s Founder and Director, Claire Webb. ‘We are delighted both for her and our team.’

‘Claire has been a great support, both practically when signing off my work, and during a process that is both time-consuming and pretty arduous,’ says Lynn. ‘It feels absolutely brilliant to have achieved the result we all wanted.’

When asked what the next career step will be, Lynn is perfectly focussed. ‘I now want to become accredited for Child Consultations, so will soon be putting that in place.’

Lynn can be contacted on 023 92481183 or