Keep Cool After Summer Stress

After a 14 year study between 2001 and 2015, American scientists have gathered evidence that indicates summer holiday stress is connected to a significant spike in relationships breaking up and divorces being filed.

Whilst many families look forward to their annual break over the summer, recent findings suggests that, for some, holidays can actually be rather bad for marriages.

Scientists at the University of Washington have discovered that divorce rates appear to follow a spike in the month of August, shortly after the summer holidays.  It could be that couples put off their separation until after times that are normally important to families, or perhaps holidays serve as final confirmation that they no longer want to be together, but it is now believed that many marriages are put under great strain during summer vacations, especially when they fail to live up to expectations.

‘It is true that we receive a noticeable increase in enquiries, usually after children return to school in September,’ says Claire Webb, Founder and Director of Mediation Now.  ‘Whereas, in the past, disappointed and hurt couples would head straight for the divorce courts, they are now encouraged to sit down and talk things through to see if their desire to separate is a result of a difficult summer or whether the holiday was the final straw from a long-term situation.’

‘Sometimes, once communication has been restored, views expressed and mutual understanding established, a couple can find their way to reconciliation and save their relationship.  For others, the situation will often become less heated and confrontational, allowing for calmer consideration and dialogue that will help discuss the future.’

The research found divorce filing peaked in March, which is thought to be related to the financial and emotional strain of Christmas, getting through the darker days of winter and the motivation of people in Spring to make changes in their lives.

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