Mediation Now Launches ‘Chilli Rating’

Portsmouth’s leading mediation practice has found an innovative way of explaining to separating couples the benefits of its services.
Entitled ‘Taking the Heat’, experts at the legally-based mediation firm, ‘Mediation Now’, are embracing a new visual campaign to highlight the alternatives available to separating couples and their families, inspired by chillies.

‘Historically, when people think of divorce, the image in their heads has been that of aggressive arguing through solicitors and having to go through legal proceedings in formal court environments,’ explains Rebecca Hawkins, Founder of Mediation Now. ‘The vast majority of people find these situations intimidating, stressful and highly pressured.’

‘Today, there are a number of alternatives to court proceedings that have been designed to present a calmer, less hostile way of making plans for the future. Mediation, for example, helps couples come together with professional support in order to communicate, discuss and negotiate the ending of their relationships and move on with their lives in the most positive way.’

To represent the alternatives and what is involved, Mediation Now has developed its own ‘Chilli Rating’ with court appearances rated as being the most ‘heated’ situations with five chillies, mediation being allocated just the one for a more ‘cool’ approach and alternatives such as Collaboration, Round Table Discussions and Arbitration all being ranked in-between.

‘The idea came after a suggestion during one of our marketing meetings and, as we discussed it, we felt it was a relatable concept that had real potential,’ recalls Rebecca. ‘It’s a quick, easy and clear guide that we can direct clients when making their choices.’
‘The feedback we’ve had so far has been really positive. We find anything we can do to help people feel prepared and in control of difficult situations they might find themselves in has tremendous value.’

Mediation Now has also had physical chilli-shaped foam stress relievers made to reinforce the guide. ‘A situation where you might need to hold one stress reliever is perfectly normal,’ says Rebecca. ‘But five? That should really be avoided whenever possible.’
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