Mediation Now Celebrates 10th Birthday

Members of Portsmouth’s legal and business communities recently gathered at Chimes Restaurant in the city centre to celebrate the achievements of two women who founded the UK’s first lawyer-led mediation service a decade ago.

Claire Webb and Rebecca Hawkins welcomed guests to celebrate the 10th birthday of their firm, ‘Mediation Now’ which helps separating couples communicate and manage issues that arise as a result of relationship breakdown.

‘It is hard to believe it has been a decade since we started Mediation Now,’ recalls Rebecca. ‘We were both working as solicitors and tired of the confrontational and argumentative approach to family law. Mediation wasn’t at all mainstream back then, but we knew it could work and now it has become standard practice and compulsory in the early stages of separation.’

Mediation Now has been recognised nationally as a champion for its services, achieving national accreditations and being asked by the Government to be involved in white papers, proposals and best practice.

The firm, which has grown to employ a network of fully qualified mediators across offices in Havant, Fareham and Emsworth, has helped over 10,000 couples in Portsmouth and its surrounds to talk through the ending of relationships, negotiate issues including finance and children, and plan for the future.

‘We are really fortunate to work collaboratively with local solicitors and the judiciary, so the party was our way of saying thank you to them for supporting us,’ said Claire. ‘We’re going from strength to strength and have plans to open an office on the Isle of Wight soon which will give people who live on the island more convenient access to our services.’


Editor’s Notes

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